Learn To Talk So You Can Hear And Be Heard

Are you finding it difficult to talk to your partner?  Do you struggle to resolve issues in your relationship?

Improve Your Communication Quickly is an online course that will teach you to talk in a way that you can be heard and listen in a way that you can understand.

The Imago Dialogue Process was devised by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt.  It's a tried and tested way of really getting to hear what your partner has to say and gives you an opportunity to talk to them in a safe and respectful way.

The videos will take you through Imago Dialogue step-by-step so you can bring the process into your life and feel safe and connected with your partner.

Stop struggling - there is another way! 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    A Brief Introduction To Imago Relationship Therapy

    • What Is A Conscious Relationship?

  • 2

    Why Use Imago Dialogue?

    • Why Use Imago Dialogue?

  • 3

    The Full Dialogue Video

    • The Full Dialogue Process

    • The Full Dialogue Process

  • 4

    The Roles Taken In The Dialogue Process

    • The Sender

    • The Receiver

  • 5

    The Setup

    • The Setup

  • 6

    Making An Appointment

    • Making An Appointment

  • 7


    • Mirroring

  • 8


    • The Summary

  • 9


    • Validation

  • 10


    • Empathy

    • Feeling Wheel

  • 11

    The Switch

    • How To Switch Roles

  • 12

    Stuff You Need To Know

    • Stuff You Need To Know

  • 13

    Next steps for you

    • Next Steps